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This text is a reminder of an article written and printed on this column by yours sincerely on Friday, January 20, 2017, wherein I predicted what would change into of the USA of America (USA) on the occasion of that nation’s newly elected President, Donald Trump earlier than the top of his first time period. The article was entitled ‘Welcoming a Trump of Sadism’.

Two weeks earlier than the publication of that article, an earlier article had was written and printed, additionally by yours sincerely, on this similar column. It was entitled ‘Ready for January 20’.

Excerpts from each articles might be discovered under as follows:

Just like the fingers of a clock, many democratic international locations on the earth do swear a brand new President into workplace each 4 or 5 years on the expiration of a earlier tenure. Now, it’s the flip of the USA of America to try this once more. And the person to take  White Houseas from immediately, January 20, 2017, for the following 4 years, all issues being equal, known as Donald Trump, a person that most individuals on the earth, together with Individuals, who voted for him, have seen as a wild bull surging furiously right into a china store.

In an article entitled ‘Ready for January 20’ and printed on this column two weeks earlier, yours sincerely cited the instance of Adolf Hitler’s oath of workplace and his inaugural tackle of 1933 that culminated within the World Warfare II which began in 1939 and resulted in 1945.

The dramatic occasions inside that interval of 12 years (1933-1945) have been the principle determinants of immediately’s world historical past”.

The above quoted excerpt was from the article entitled ‘Welcoming a Trump of Sadism’.


One other Excerpt

Under can be an excerpt from an earlier article entitled ‘Ready for January 20’ and printed on January 6, 2017, on this similar column by yours sincerely. Its contents went thus partially:

“All eyes, internationally, are on the 20th day of January 2017.  That’s the day that the brand new America’s President elect, Donald John Trump, might be formally ushered into the ‘White Home’ in Washington, with a swearing in ceremony. He would be the 45th American President. That the whole world is ready for this occasion is a affirmation of America’s undisputed management of the modern world. There isn’t a doubt that this occasion might be traditionally electrical positively or negatively. The same wait had taken place in February 1933, in Germany, the place a Nazi magnate, Adolf Hitler was sworn into workplace because the Chancellor of that nation. The speech he delivered that day ultimately altered the future of Germany and reshaped the geography of the world. By the way, Donald Trump’s ancestral origin is Germany.

Now, will Trump of the 21st century come out like Hitler of the 20th century to place the world on the trail of one other World Warfare? That may be a main query that the unfolding occasions of the times forward could should be answered essentially.


The That means of Trump

The identify TRUMP is a brief type of trumpet, a musical instrument with which the choice of a tyrant is usually introduced in an area cultural setting. Ever since he was declared the winner of the American Presidential election of November 2016, this Trump has been trumpeting his tyrannical plans to the world arrogantly. And, the jitters rolled out from that trumpet have began gripping the world with an imaginary icy hand. That an American President elect had begun to overrule his nonetheless serving predecessor even earlier than taking an oath of workplace is a transparent indication of what the world ought to count on from the china store wherein a wild bull will begin to function as from immediately.


Historical past as a Instructor  

Historical past is a well-known phenomenal trainer. It teaches the previous and the younger alike. Its college students are all the time drawn from far and close to. It examines these college students occasionally and offers them examination outcomes periodically. Its classes are as generational as they lower throughout races and cultures. But, it has no peculiar communication language. However then, historical past faces a elementary downside. That downside isn’t within the repetition that has characteristically change into its tradition however, relatively, in getting mankind to grasp its repeated teachings in addition to in heeding its warnings.

In nearly all celestial religions, historical past performs such a distinguished position that offers it the everlasting identification of a trainer. And, from its useful teachings, human beings construct ladders of experiences with which they mount the pyramids of life, typically to the height.


Christianity and Islam

Regardless of the seeming brutal gangsterism being vaingloriously displayed by the goon known as, Donald Trump, the Muslim world is hereby suggested to not write him off utterly as an agent of the Lucifer.

Within the histories of each Christianity and Islam, we’re repeatedly informed of sure arch antagonists of God’s divine message, who dramatically turned spherical to change into voluntary Ambassadors of the identical message to which that they had been   viciously antagonistic. Considered one of such antagonists was Saul of Tarsus, an avowed anti-Christ who dramatically turned spherical to just accept the message of Jesus after the later had vacated the scene of this world. Saul later adopted the identify Paul as an emblem of his new apostolic religion. That was within the Bible. One other recognized antagonist of Allah’s divine Message was Umar Bn Khattab of Makkah who had plotted the homicide of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) however dramatically turned spherical to embrace Islam on the very day he was to virtually implement his plot. Ultimately, Umar rose to change into the second Caliph in Islam and he rigorously unfold Allah’s divine faith throughout nations and continents much more than some other Caliph.


Jesus’ Want

Jesus had wished that Saul, a well- educated Jew, settle for his message whereas he was round. However that want didn’t materialize till after his departure from the stage.

Nonetheless, if Saul had not ultimately accepted Christianity when he did, maybe, the scenario of that faith would have been utterly completely different immediately.


The Case of Umar

Within the case of Umar Bn Khattab, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had prayed the Almighty Allah to allow one of many two well-known individuals bearing Umar in Makkah at the moment, to just accept Islam.

Though the Prophet’s thoughts was on the opposite Umar, It nevertheless turned out that Umar Bn Khattab was the one  Allah’s favour magnetized. And, Umar Bn Khattab’s acceptance of Islam grew to become so exceptional that the Prophet was reported to have as soon as stated of him as follows: “Had been there to be a Prophet after me, Umar would have been that Prophet”.


Irony of Life

At this time, one other thorny bud appears to be wildly rising beneath the armpit of an American bitter tree within the 21st century. That proverbial human bud is an avowed racist and morbid hater of Islam that emerged as President in that nation in 2017. His bodily look alone, anyplace, is a vivid reminder of the unbridled atrocities of a onetime originator of Nazism, Adolf Hitler, who brutally terrorized the whole continent of Europe for a couple of decade.

And, for the primary time ever, majority of Individuals who voted to decide on Trump as President began to specific concern of uncertainty about their selection even earlier than he formally assumed workplace.

Thus, from the start of his 4 yr presidential tenure, Trump had been perceived as an incubated egg ready to be hatched.  Nonetheless, the sort of rooster that will come out of that incubated egg was a matter of guess. However, such a notion in 2017 might need been too early within the day for the eagerly agitated Individuals. In any case, the cited instances of Saul and Umar nonetheless stay very validly influential on modern historical past.


Future Shock  

From the foresighted notion of yours sincerely, the narration above was a digital indicator of a future shock that the world was ready to grapple with after the 2016 American Presidential election.

Now, the continuing occurrences in the USA, moreover COVID-19, have come to vindicate my notion. The one side of that notion that’s nonetheless eagerly awaiting vindication is what is going to ultimately change into of immediately’s sadistic Trump.


Curious Questions

Why was it after the conversion of Saul, that the Greek Empire and, subsequently, the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as official faith? Why did the entire Arabia await Umar Bn Khattab to embrace Islam earlier than it formally accepted that divine religion as her State faith? And, by analogy, shouldn’t America be preparing for the same eventuality? In any case, centuries of spiritual observe in America have proved that Christianity is only a ornament with which Individuals have been buying and selling in enjoyable as a mere image of public affiliation. That enjoyable has now nearly dwindled to its lowest ebb. And, in actuality, nothing stays of Christianity in America immediately past identify.


In Retrospect

It sounded odd within the yore, when speculations started to point that Rome might undertake Christianity as State faith. It additionally sounded unbelievable that the entire Arabia might undertake Islam as official faith following the reversion of Umar. However actuality ultimately prevailed and, immediately, the remainder stays a property of historical past.

In the identical vein, removed from prophesying, I foresee a day, in a foreseeable future, when America will change into the house of Islam and provides that real divine faith the Impeccable actuality of life that it deserves within the West. In response to this millennial prediction, because it occurred within the Roman and Greek Empires of yore, the Nigerian doubting Thomases of this period could begin their repugnant arguments from right here. However those that will interact in any argument on this assertion ought to do not forget that the roots of tomorrow’s gargantuan tree of peace are already being firmly planted in immediately’s fertile soil because it occurred in Guantanamo, USA, lately.

The Guantanamo Bay

Terry Holdbrooks Junior is an American native of Huntsville in Alabama. He grew up a troubled child with junkie mother and father that dumped him at age 7 on his ex-hippy grandparents to be raised. By 18, he’d accomplished each highschool and commerce college which is suggestive of brilliance on his half. However alongside the road, he indulged in medicine, unlawful intercourse and tattoos which lined his arms from shoulder to wrist. His earlobes have been stretched to a plug {that a} thumb might go by means of.

Thus, when he walked into an Military recruiter’s workplace in Arizona a yr after 9/11 saying he wished to affix the Military, to have the ability to kill folks and receives a commission for it, the recruiter seemed up briefly and turned again to his pc saying “No, thanks”.

Lastly, it was solely throughout his fourth go to to the recruitment workplace that he was allowed to participate within the army’s aptitude check when the recruiter realized the potential in him. Then, Holdbrooks signed up for the army police as a result of it supplied a bonus. And when his unit was transferred to Guantanamo, the sergeant detoured by means of New York to take them to Floor Zero the place he informed them to “bear in mind what Muslims did to us and who you’re supposed to guard”.

Thus, the 29 yr previous Terry Holdbrooks Jr., enrolled in American Military in 2003/2004 and was posted to Guantanamo Bay as a army Police officer in a detention camp earmarked for folks pronounced as criminals. A part of his duties was not simply to forestall these detainees from escaping but in addition to escort them to interrogation rooms after which return them to their cells. He knew the sort of stresses and tortures these detainees have been present process in repeated questionings.


How Islam beckons

All alongside, Holdbrooks Jr.’s notion and understanding of Islam was not dissimilar from these of his army colleagues in Iraq, Afghanistan and even Guantanamo Bay. Nonetheless, someday, the considered accepting Islam as a rightfully guiding faith crossed his thoughts after a number of months of dialog with some Muslim detainees in that camp.

Earlier than he grew to become a Muslim, Holdbrooks was sporting the beard of a bald Amish man, the tattoos of a punk child and the twitchy alertness of a army policeman. Take him to a restaurant, and he’ll select the chair with its again in opposition to the wall. Take his {photograph} and he’ll choose to look away from the digicam. That was Holdbrooks earlier than 2013 when he embraced Islam.


He took  Shahadah

After three months of intensive examine and dialog, Holdbrooks informed the Muslim detainees one night time that he wished to change into a Muslim. And in response, the detainees defined the implications of that to him. They stated: “Changing to Islam means you would need to change your life type together with your food regimen. You’ll stop medicine, ingesting, profanity and tattoos. Then, be ready for good relationship with all people – spouse, neighbours, the Military and the federal government”. Thus, little by little, Holdbrooks made the adjustments as he discovered a measure of well being, self-discipline, household and peace of thoughts which he by no means had earlier than.

“If Prophet Muhammad (SAW) have been to return again to the world immediately, folks would discover the very best examples of Islam in the USA. American Muslims have a accountability to dwell their religion in order that others can see a real instance, not the perversions of the terrorists or the tyranny of corrupt governments. He concluded that: “For each little step I took towards Islam, Islam was taking extra steps towards me”. Thus, the person who was employed to quench the glow of Islam grew to become a propagator of Islam in America.

The identical President Donald Trump, who’s innately persecuting Islam and the Muslims immediately could change into like Holdsbrooks tomorrow. Allah’s means of doing issues is filled with wonders. Nothing is unattainable with Him.

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