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As we speak  I take a look at  the three ideas of  energy, historical past, and  democracy in    the   gentle  of the killing      of the black  American  George  Floyd  by  a white  policeman  in Minnesota within the US  which  has engendered so  a lot grief  and  consternation  world wide this week. I  intend to look at  the nice , the unhealthy and ugly  facet of  this ugly incident  simply  just like the title of Clint Eastwood’s well-known violence and motion movie,’ The  good, the unhealthy  and  the ugly. ‘I really feel unhappy  to jot down  on the killing of George Floyd due to the best way  he was slaughtered and suffocated by a white  Police  man whose  spouse instantly  sued for divorce after seeing what her husband  had  carried out ;  whereas  the Police  authorities tried to  down play the homicide in plain sight  by calling it  manslaughter even  because the sufferer begged  for all times by moaning repeatedly – ‘I  can’t   breathe ‘. That  loss of life moan has grow to be the rallying cry  for justice and democracy in most  American and European  capitals in current days and the protests  have as typical  degenerated into looting, stealing and  hooliganism which  I  will  ignore   for   now  as I look  at what precipitated  all these  protests which    in fact  will   quickly  peter   out,  to what  Shakespeare  referred to as‘ a story  advised  by an fool,  full  of sound  and fury  signifying nothing.‘

Please  keep in mind  that this grotesque occasion of a homicide  occurred through the pandemic  and no person  talked about social  distance or lockdown  because the protesters flocked the streets of their 1000’s  to  use democracy  to vent their anger. So  in a  method this almighty  pestilence took a hiding that diminished its glorification  as a an epidemic  by scientists and medical  statisticians who  have closed  society at  massive as a result of  of its risk. In  the identical method  the US President Donald  Trump  tried to steal    non secular    thunder   and   authority by utilizing the bible as a political  weapon towards the protesters,  however failed mightily   and   woefully. However   he   unwittingly    reminded watching Nigerians of Fela  Anikulapo’s  immortal  tune – ‘Authority Stealing ‘. Certainly,  Trump  tried so  disgracefully  to  subvert  and    misuse   faith on this   George Floyd  matter, however fell  flat  on his face politically as he deserved . Inadvertently,   he   grew to become  faux information himself on his actions on this matter. Certainly  he deserves  no pity on  his   gamble    on faith,   on   which he has proven clearly  that so far as he’s involved  the Police  can do no improper so far as they kill solely  individuals  of shade within the US. Which   to me is a tragedy that makes Trump a   most   racist  politician a lot  like  the proverbial  ostrich with its head buried within the sand. How  he can win this November 2020  US  Presidential   election  with this angle and posture will  be the actual  surprise  of this world earlier than‘ our very  eyes‘.

Sadly   too,  faith  took     a hiding , as a result of Trump confirmed its attraction and  fragility to impress or conceal  democratic malfeasance and  political rascality and insensitivity. Once more,  how  the American  president will  climb  out of the political gutter and trench   he has dug for  himself on this George Floyd  homicide, will  stay  his  personal   political   funeral   to kind  out,  as he  seeks a  very  bold   reelection which  this tragedy  has  given  ft  of clay with  his bible  holding  charade of a stunt.

We  return  now to the fundamentals of at present’s competition. Energy,  in any  democracy like  the US  or  Nigeria is derived  from the idea  of presidency  of  the individuals,   by the individuals  and for the   individuals . However  that’s not at all times  the case as a result of governments ignore the rights and safety of their residents  most occasions because the George Floyd  homicide  has proven  within the US  this  week.

In  Nigeria, the equal  of this   was  the killing of Nigerians in Kaduna, Zamfara, the North East and  Sokoto  State   from  the place Senator  Ibrahim   Gobir  representing Sokoto  East   within the Nigerian    senate  lamented   just lately, to no impact,  that Nigerians in his    half  of the nation rely  extra on troopers  from  neighboring Niger  Republic for his or her security  and lives, as a result of after they referred to as   Nigerian troopers they   by no means    confirmed  up   to  defend them.  The   Sultan   of Sokoto, a former   army   officer    additionally   lamented on insecurity   and   killings   in  Sokoto  and referred to as   on the military to  modernize its armoury   to  defend  these  Nigerians. These  are  our George Floyds and so they  are  Nigerians  and it’s the obligation of  authorities  to make use of  the reliable  violence  and authority    it has,  to beat bandits and terrorists  who  kill  Nigerians with impunity   in Sokoto  and different   such   locations. That  is the essence  and which means  of presidency   and that was what  these  Nigerians voted  for even within the President’s  house state of Katsina  which suffered an identical destiny  such that  a army  expedition has  simply   been despatched  to   quell   the insurgency and marauding.

Sadly,  it’s such state  monopoly  of violence to impact  authority  that  the Police  has usurped within the  US to  kill  black Individuals incessantly and  with impunity,  until  we bought  to George Floyd this week . Even   after   that  extra  blacks  have been killed in these protests together with a  restaurant  proprietor reputed to be  giving free meals to  cops on shift  duties. The  historical past of the US and the  American  Civil  Warfare which   was received  by  Republican  President  Abraham Lincoln   [1861–1865] to free slaves  is the basis  explanation for the unstoppable  killing of blacks within the US resulting in that of George Floyd. The  president who  succeeded  Lincoln, Andrew  Johnson [1865-  1869] his former  Vice  President,  did  not imagine in giving blacks equal  rights with whites that Lincoln fought and died for. That  successor   Andrew  Johnson  was impeached like  Donald  Trump  however was cleared within the Senate like Trump,  however with a paltry  vote  of  one. Successive  US  governments  have at all times ran the US   like  a Police state as a result of they  concern for  their safety  and lives in  checking police energy . It is because Police members ‘unions   contribute      to   the   marketing campaign  elections  of state  Lawyer  Generals, native  Sheriffs    and even  elected judges  as is the case in some states   in  the  US.

Sthe upkeep of regulation  and order is  the enhancement  of  police energy by political  leaders to stop anarchy and guarantee their very own  safety  on the expense of blacks who  have been  traditionally  profiled as crime inclined and unworthy of equal  rights with  whites . Thus supplanting the motive  for which the American Civil   was fought  and received by President  Abraham  Lincoln . Even  the Obama Administration   – 2009 – 2016 –  might  solely  survive in  this context  . Even  out  of workplace Obama  this   week   has referred to as the rioters  and looters to order as he did  repeatedly  for the eight  years he   was  in energy  whereas  blacks had been killed by Police in his tenure . Even  if  Michelle ,  Obama’s spouse  turns into the Vice  Presidential candidate of the Democratic Get together   on this 2020   presidential   elections  the killing of blacks by  American    Police will  nonetheless  proceed and the looting will observe and be condemned and the Police  invariably   pacified for the killing of blacks .

Once more  , the rationale  will not be tough  to see and  it lies on the ft  of   American liberal  democracy and conservative politics and  their  political views  and  ideology . The  liberals   these days  place intercourse  and female  rights far above black   Individuals  rights .  Certainly homosexual  rights had been equated with civil  rights  and this was stolen  into state and federal  legal guidelines  through the Obama Administration . To  change  that  is the political  motive of the  current   Republicans with  Trump as their  champion  and that’s the reason  his Administration  is placing Conservative judges  within the Supreme Courtroom to reverse the sexual  orientation   legal guidelines  of earlier  liberal  American governments together with the Obama  one simply  just lately . The  vengeance of this violent cultural however democratic battle  was proven  within the  dedicated   and deadly  violence with which  the white police  officer held George Floyd,    a 6ft  4in    large   ,   however  a black   man  ,  by the throat  until  he died. It  was  homicide  most  foul and most reprehensible . However  its pedigree is  in  American  historical past  and  democracy  of the police state ,  referred to as  the rule of  regulation  by which  the black man’s   rights has  at all times been a disposable  commodity .This  has    been  so ,  since Abe Lincoln fought the American Civil  battle  however  did  not dwell to see by means of the actual   Reconstruction   and  freedom of the black  slaves for which  he fought   and received  that battle . Ever  since  ,  historical past  has been  repeating  itself with  Police killings of blacks within the US and  I’m    saddened  in a really   morbid  method  , to indicate why it would  not finish with the grotesque  killing of  the light large referred to as George Floyd in Minnesota this final week . As soon as once more  , from the fury of this pandemic , Good Lord Ship Nigeria.



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