By Adegbola Akinola

This nation belongs to all of us. It’s subsequently crucial that we should not indolently standby whereas the nation dangerously totter right into a failing state: the place no sense of urgency in governance and infrastructure is rickety; no enduring core industries to induce job creation and promote key infrastructure, no sustainable manufacturing base to reply to nationwide emergency and mitigate poverty; training, well being and different municipal providers that mix to outline welfare provisions in a nation are in tatters; no degree taking part in area for our educated/skilled youths to compete in a good method for jobs, moderately they’re compelled to vote with their toes to go turn out to be second class residents in international lands; the place it’s completely different of us completely different strokes, and regulation enforcers can’t be trusted to keep up fairness thereby propagating perfidy. We can not simply afford to attend till “Boko Haram” is duplicated in each a part of the nation, solely to consequence to working helter-skelter.

Nigeria as we all know, is a rustic whose residents represent certainly one of each 5 within the continent of Africa; and, by implication, on whose shoulder is reposed the hope of salvaging the dignity of the black race. After the promising developmental strides of the 1950’s to early 1960’s, one is tempted to chuckle and ask, what has befallen the nation notably within the final three a long time? Is it that we now have gone again into the default state, which obtained when the white-slave-catchers (Portugal, Britain and Spain) invaded and plundered Africa, circa 1444-1833? Then, the dominant class of Africans had been in any case devoted collaborators in that heinous and ignominious act. Is it not the identical slave-hounding mentality that’s now afflicting our rulers and holding us down from growth? Is it that our subjective thoughts (or tabular rasa – the nurturable element of the aware thoughts) should stay perpetually untrained, underdeveloped, un-nurtured? In any other case, why would a set of individuals, within the appellation of rulers, favor primitive accumulation to the welfare, safety, growth and human dignity of their race? Is sufficient not sufficient for liberation, now?!

Faulty as it’s, the premise of the Structure of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CFRN), 1999 (as altered), is welfarism. That is so by advantage of part 14(2)(a-c), taken along with sections 17(1-3) and 18(1-3), no matter lack of justiciability in regulation or in any other case of the later subsections (see part 6(6)(c) ). By dint of the primary thrust of the structure being welfarism, it’s incumbent on the federal government to offer infrastructure and industries to make sure that manufacturing thrives, in order to allow provision of jobs for residents each within the formal and casual sectors, to a adequate and sustainable extent. However this isn’t so. It’s thus astonishing, certainly surreal that the federal government has been so slowed down!

Actually, previous to the occasions of June 10, 2015 up to now in Nigeria, one had all the time wallowed within the phantasm that the prime drawback ailing the nation was corruption. However now, one is aware of higher. The core drawback why Nigeria refuses to develop and develop is dishonesty. Dishonesty, which as could also be extra applicable, can manifest in any of the synonym-spectrum: greed, nepotism, deceit, lying, hypocrisy, corruption, dubiousness, duplicity and so forth.

In actual fact, one now is aware of that nepotism will be extra ramifying than corruption. How else will we interrogate the present vogue whereby an appointment into posts or jobs is by slots? This, Jide Oluwajuyitan of The Nation certified as Elite conspiracy in opposition to the youth! What of when appointment into key authorities positions is skewed in favour of a specific ethnic group in energy? Most likely, somebody would christen that as authorities conspiracy in opposition to ethnic teams! Is that this the change that (progressives, patriots, civil rights actions, and so forth.) all yearned for, and expended power and assets to herald in 2015? The paradox of helplessness on the herdsmen’s menace is inexplicable. How will we contextualize the pre-covid19 declaration of President Buhari in favour of the jumbo pay for legislators (and by implication for the manager as effectively), whereas many states barely pay even the earlier minimal wage of N18,000 to not speak of the brand new N30,000? What of the difficulty of nepotism staring us within the face, throughout?

So, how within the aforementioned circumstance can patriotism be preached to residents, and ethos of public good and nationhood maintained? How will we keep self-discipline, diligence, sensibility or any such optimistic attributes? How will we construct enduring infrastructure, create an industrial base that ushers in manufacturing – a sine qua non for significant job creation? We at the moment are a monocultural financial system (secure the weak casual sector), leaning on rent-seeking and rent-collection from international oil firms to whom we now have contracted our oil fields and wells. Atop of this, we now have no right report of the amount of crude exploited and lifted at any time. Whereas, that is in complete distinction to what obtains in different well-governed nations say, Saudi Arabia the place each pint of oil is electronically monitored from effectively to pipe, to jetty and as much as lifting into the ship and on the ocean. Can Nigeria proceed this fashion? Positively, NO!

Howbeit, one provides credit score to President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) for his huge political will in implementing the Treasury Single Account (TSA) and the Financial institution Verification Quantity (BVN) regimes, which have shrunk the sphere of primitive looting and fraud. This has undoubtedly lowered some type of (institutional) corruption. Additionally to be famous was the golden period of “physique language”, when for example, electrical energy provide was secure with none enhance in energy era (June – October, 2015); and the swift restoration of swathes of territories (many Native Governments Areas) earlier seized by Boko Haram, within the northeastern nook of the nation. However latest occasions, marked by digital descent right into a state of atrophy, have virtually overshadowed all these achievements. They’ve pointedly delivered to the fore, the query of nationhood. Beckoning on us on this governance conundrum is the essential query: what occurs in post-PMB? Or, what turns into of Nigeria after PMB?

From the background so elaborately illuminated and elucidated above, it turns into crucial for any altruistic and attentive participant/observer of Nigeria right now to know that restructuring of the polity is the peaceable and respectable approach out of the current chaotic system.

The justification and philosophy underpinning this restructuring is scientifically rooted within the precept of concentrated drive or power (alternatively known as, precept of distributed drive or power). In utilized arithmetic or engineering designs this idea is known as Saint Venant’s Precept. It’s encapsulated in a layman’s language thus:

To mitigate untimely failure of a construction, keep away from loading it with a big drive concentrated at a degree. Moderately, change that meant massive drive with a set of smaller forces whose sum is equal in magnitude however distributed over applicable floor space of the physique/construction.

Or, to forestall a untimely failure in a physique/construction, change any meant massive drive to be concentrated at a degree with equal smaller ones, distributed over a area about that time.

In a nutshell, Concentrated Power initiates untimely failure in a system. That is so the extra within the case of a pre-stressed physique/construction. This precept guides the design, development and loading in buildings reminiscent of buildings, bridges, railway strains, and so forth. It isn’t fortuitous that sharp edges and corners (usually, connoting some concentrated drive) are averted in buildings, units and designs – it’s a key evaluation criterion in declaring a product as of excellent ending or not.

Even nature abhors focus of drive. Therefore, the phenomena: flooding, volcano, earth quake, tsunami (underwater quake because of a burst of sheer drive focus between tectonic plates), and so forth. In actual fact, it’s recognized {that a} pointed straw flying at a really excessive pace will defeat a sandbag whereas an enormous however blunt metallic bar (or stamp-rod) won’t compromise the integrity of the sandbag.

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